The Sudbury School Paris is a bilingual democratic school based in the 13th arrondissement which empowers children through freedom, personal responsibility and a democratic environment and aims to offer a real educational alternative to the English speaking community of Paris.  We are bilingual school with all our School Meetings taking place in English. 

We recognise the importance of unstructured play in learning. Students of the Sudbury School are free to play and fully immerse themselves in whatever passions and interests engage them. Free from scheduled lessons and curriculum, students decide for themselves how to organise their own time. In doing so, they learn to live their own independent lives based on their individual goals and aspirations.

Sudbury School Paris is run democratically and transparently. Staff and students work together to manage the school by creating and changing the school's rules, which constantly evolve. The process of school governance takes place through two main mechanisms - the School Meeting and the Judicial Committee, each of which serve to protect and nurture a safe, democratic and stimulating environment in which community members can thrive and feel free to be free. These are the only two spaces in the school which are in English, otherwise students are free to communicate in whatever language they choose.